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About Serial Number Status and Control

Serial Number Tracking
When the 'Track Serial Numbers' option is set for a Brand, serial numbers (SNs) will be required for return products and tracked. The Testing module also becomes available to test products. 
Serial Number Uniqueness
SNs are unique over Products. So, a SN can exist only once for a particular product: SN: 12345, Product: MFP-2090
However, the same SN could exist for a different product: SN: 12345, Product: AFP-12
Serial Number Testing Status
The following is a list of possible testing status for a SN:
  • Untested (Has not been tested)
  • Passed (Was tested and passed)
  • Failed (Was tested and failed)
Serial Number Location
The following is a list of possible location for a SN:
  • Reference (Has been entered on a return as reference)
  • In House (Has been received)
  • Shipped (Has been shipped)
The location for SNs is automatically changed by the system in the following scenarios:
Action Location
SN is entered Reference
SN is received In House
SN is shipped Shipped
Serial Number Control
Serial Number Control is designed to prevent entering the same SN on more than one return during returns processing. The system will display an error under the following conditions:
Error Conditions
 SN is entered as Receiving that already exists on another return as Receiving or In House. 
 SN is entered as Shipping that has already been shipped and not received. 
 The same SN is entered as both Receiving and Shipping on a return where the Action is 'Replace'. 
 SN is entered as shipping while the Testing Status is 'Failed'.  
 Attempting to delete the SN of a product that has been received or shipped. 
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