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Can SupportSync Print UPS End of Day Report?

When you print UPS labels through SupportSync, the information about each package is sent to UPS electronically, so there is no need to provide an End of Day report to your UPS driver.

The PLD or Package Level Detail - The shipping and package data about the shipments processed since your last End of Day process - is sent to UPS electronically via API.

This is the same data that UPS WorldShip would send to UPS after completing the shipping process.

Note: On the bottom right-hand corner of each UPS label there should be an icon of a package. This indicates that the package has been scanned electronically and that UPS drivers are NOT required to scan the package manually.

If your driver asks for an End of Day form, or your UPS rep wants to view your PLD file, it's advised to let them know that SupportSync sends the information directly via API to UPS and the data is available on the UPS system.

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