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Creating Products

Creating Products Manually 

Creating or editing products requires Manager or Administrator access levels to view. When the settings folder is clicked, “All Products” is the default view along with a subset of other options as shown in the example below. Click on an existing product to edit the product or click the “New Product” button to create.


Enter the New Product information

On this page you can:

  1. Select the Product Category: Select the Product Category or subcategory or “None” if there is no Category. You can create as many Categories and subcategories as needed for each product. See the creating categories section below for more details on categories.  
  2. Enter the Product name, descriptions and Serial Number prefix (optional)
  3. Select the appropriate Return Center for this product.
  4. Enter the Declared Value of the product (needed for shipping purposes)
  5. Enter the HTS code if you are exporting the product
  6. Enter the default box and weight dimensions for this product. The system will use this information as the default when shipping this item. However, this information can still be changed prior to shipping (i.e. multiple items and a larger box is required)
  7. Set/change the Status and Save & Exit  


Adding Parts/Accessories

Each of your Products can have an unlimited number of Parts/Accessories associated with the Product. These will be viewed if you want to create a Parts Request or mark an accessory as being received or shipping on a Return

To add Parts/Accessories, open a Product and click the "Add" link. You can also edit an existing Part/Accessory and mark it as being included in the packaging or not included.


To Create a New Part/Accessory after clicking the "Add" link, fill in the form and Save & Exit.



Creating Categories

If you have a long list of products, return and parts request reasons and flag reasons you can create an unlimited number of Parent Categories and subcategories to help your agents quickly locate a product or reason. The example below illustrates creating Product Categories. In the Settings folder, click the “Categories” sub folder and select “Product” then “New Product Category.”


Create an unlimited number of sub category names for each product. You can select from existing Parent Categories and create new sub categories or just select "None" if applicable and enter a category name. 


***See our related Article on Importing Products from a CSV file




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