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About the Customer Portal

You can enable self-service for your customers with the customer portal. The portal allows your customers to submit requests - called Cases - that you can respond to and track. Customers can also view the latest status of their returns and parts requests.

Setting up the Portal

To enable the customer portal, go to Admin - Brands - Select Brand - Application Settings and Select 'Yes' for 'Use Customer Portal'. Click Save.

About Test Mode

When you use the portal, links are sent in notification emails that point the customers to their case, return or parts request on the portal. Use Test Mode to disable these links. This is useful for trying out or setting up the portal before going 'live', as customers will not be alerted to the portal's presence.  

Once you decide to use the portal to communicate with customers, you must disable Test Mode or the customers will not receive links to the portal in notification emails. 

- Reload SupportSync in your browser. -

Now go to Settings - Customer Portal to open the portal editor. You may need to reload the page to see the updates

***Note: The internet address of your portal is your SupportSync domain, without the '/crm/' path specified. Example: https://xyz.supportsync.com

Customize your customer portal to reflect the look and style of your website. Start by uploading your logo then style the page by modifying the Header, Footer, Body and CSS from the drop down menu




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