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Missing or invalid shipper number [120100].

In order to use any Shipper Account Number for the API, it must be associated with the User ID on UPS.com first. 

Please follow the steps below on how to associate an existing UPS Account Number:

1. Log into your UPS.com User ID.

2. Click on the name in the upper right and select Payment Options.

3. In the drop down, select Add Existing Account and click the Add button.

4. Select the Payment Account Type: Documents and Packages (default) or Air Freight.

5. Enter the following account information:

- Account Number

- Nickname -- This is for you to see on UPS.com

- Country

- Postal Code for Pickup Address

- Optional: Make this my default payment method -- Check this if you wish to do so.

6. If the account has been previously invoiced by UPS, you will be asked to provide invoice information.

- Invoice Number -- Typically, 9 or 13 digits depending on invoice type. May start with leading zeroes, which need to be included.

- Invoice Date (MM/DD/YYYY format for US)

- Amount Due -- Please do not include the currency sign ($)

- Control ID -- Case sensitive

NOTE: You must use a Delivery Service invoice from within the past 90 days OR an Import/Brokerage invoice from within the past 45 days. The invoice must also be one of the last three most recent ones for the account. 

IMPORTANT: Submitting the form using incorrect information or using an invoice that is too old three times or more, will result in a mandatory security lockout of 24 hours. This lockout cannot be overridden.

If the lockout is encountered, you will need to wait a full 24 hours before trying again.

Submitting the form before the lockout expires, will reset the lockout period.


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