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Products are not available for selection


When you create a Return or Parts Request, you may notice that some products are not available. 

This situation may occur when the following conditions are true:

1. Your company has multiple Return Centers defined.

2. Your products are not associated with every Return Center.

3. Your User Account has "Return Processing" rights. 


Users who have the right to process returns must be given access to one or more Return Centers. Also, each of your Products must be associated with one or more Return Centers. This functionality allows companies to support different products at different return centers, and prevents users of one return center from having access to products of another return center. 

Let's consider an example company that has (2) Return Centers defined: "Return Center A" and "Return Center B". This company also has (2) Products defined: "Product A" and "Product B". 

This company has associated "Product A" with "Return Center A" only. "Product B" is associated with "Return Center B" only. 

When a user with processing rights logs into SupportSync, there is a MENU in the Upper Left corner of the screen that displays the Current Return Center. 

When "Return Center A" is selected, the only product available will be "Product A". Likewise, when "Return Center B" is selected, the only product available will be "Product B". 


To fix this issue, do one or both of the following: 

1. Change the Current Return Center selected in the Upper Left menu. *This only applies if you want to create a Return for a different Return Center than the one currently selected. 

2. Go to Settings - Products and Edit the products to associate them with one or more Return Centers.




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