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Label Printing Software and Issues

 1. You will need to install the WebClientPrint program to print labels to a label printer.

Use VERSION 2 of the software available here:



2. Error: "US Letter Not Supported" on Mac with Dymo Label Printer 4XL

Try these instructions to setup the printer for valid label sizes:



3. In order to print labels and open PDF docs, you will need to disable the POPUP BLOCKER for the browser.

Instructions for Chrome:


Instructions for Firefox:



4. Ignore this message:


For Chrome, try the registry entry: 


Value Name: 986

Value Type: REG_SZ

Value: webclientprint://*


5. If the printer setup HANGS on Loading printers as so:


Click the Refresh button (highlighted in Red in the image above) again. The list of printers should be shown. 


6. Message: "This site is trying to open..." always pops up when printing in Microsoft Edge.

For Microsoft Edge, add the following registry entry:


Value Name: ExternalProtocolDialogShowAlwaysOpenCheckbox

Value Type: REG_DWORD

Value: 1



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