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About Custom Fields


You can create custom fields to store specific information for your company. Custom fields are created for a particular MODULE such as Customers, Cases, Returns or Parts Requests and have limits based on your plan and the custom field type.


Custom Field Types 

Type Description
Text Used for single-line text including any combination of alpha-numeric characters 
Dropdown Allows users to choose an option from a list of values
Checkbox Used to store a true or false value
Date Allows choosing date values with date picker control
Number Used to store numeric values of positive integer only
Money Stores a money value to 2 decimal places


Custom Field Limits

Note: All custom field limits are per module i.e. On the Professional Plan, you can add 10 custom fields in Customers, 10 fields in Cases, 10 fields in Returns, etc. 


1. What is a Module?

SupportSync organizes information into different classes with associated forms that we call "Modules". These modules include the following: 

- Customers 

- Cases 

- Returns

- Parts Requests

- Test Entries


2. Field Limits for your plan:

There is an overall limit per module that includes all field types based on your current plan. 

Basic Professional Enterprise
5 per Module (25 Total) 10 per Module (50 Total) *Contact Us


3. Field Limits by field type:

The field limit is made up of any combination of the following field type limits: 

Field Type Basic Professional Enterprise




5 10 *Contact Us
Date 2 2 *Contact Us
Number 2 2 *Contact Us
Money 2 2 *Contact Us

Note: Text, Dropdown and Checkbox fields combine for a common maximum limit.





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