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How to Use Cases

Cases are submitted by your customers through the customer portal on your website (to learn how to setup your customer portal click here ). As a service agent in SupportSync, you can respond back to your customers requests and when necessary, easily create a Return or a Part Request.

In the example below, a New Case has arrived. Accept this Case and respond accordingly.


Cases can be viewed and responded to from the Preview window (as seen below) or by selecting and opening a case by double clicking or highlighting the case and pressing the enter key. There are a variety of action buttons (red box) including "Submit" comments as well as the "Pop Out" drop down which allows other actions such as Edit and create a New Return.


Once a Case is accepted, you can respond with troubleshooting tips or go ahead and create a Return (RMA). In the example below, we've decided to create an RMA by opening the Case view and clicking the "New Return" button.


A new window will open and a New Return can be created. Once created, an automated email will be sent from the system to your customer with your return instructions. Your customer can also view the status of the Return by logging into their portal account. For more information on creating returns, please see Chapter 2 in the User Guide


Once the Return has been created, you can click over and view the source case of the Return if needed.


Other Folders in Cases

Awaiting Reply - These are all cases that have been assigned and are awaiting reply from a service agent.

Following - These are cases that you (a service agent) have marked to follow or track. To follow a case, simply click the "Follow" button and those cases will also reside in Following folder. You can unfollow by clicking the Unfollow button

All Open - These are all the open cases in the system

All Cases - These are all of the cases that have been created.


Closing Cases

Cases can be closed from the Case itself or the Case Preview from the "Pop Out" button drop down menu. In addition, You can close a batch of cases by preforming a Cleanup. To perform a Cleanup, click on the Open Cases folder and select the duration of open cases you would like to close as shown below.




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